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To whomever I haven't said this elsewhere: Happy Thanksgiving.

Remember, it's cold and dark here until April. Stay in touch!

[Front page edit: discussions on the current state of affairs at TJR SkippyForums follow, e.g. 'where the hell is everybody?']
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I'm selling my two 2012 Felt bikes (with full electronic shifting) on, and I figured I'd throw them up here just in case any of our members are cyclists or triathletes. If you're interested at all, let me know - I would give an especially killer deal to a TJR/skippyforums member. Listing below is copy and pasted in.

Im selling both my 2012 Felt AR1 with full Dura Ace Di2 and my 2012 Felt DA2 with Dura Ace Di2, and I've tried to price them both to sell. The AR1 is a 56cm, and the DA2 is a 51cm. I purchased both bikes brand new from authorized Felt dealers, and both have been meticulously serviced by an extremely competent Felt dealer.

Both bikes are completely stock (except for tires) and are in perfect condition mechanically and in excellent... [Read More]
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Tons of awesome YouTube videos right here, posted by our members. Racing, cars, extreme sports, anything and everything really fun. Come on in, enjoy and then share your favorites.

Here's a playlist with some of our most recent videos:

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In the interests of getting Skippyforums more active, let's get some chatter going about the new series.

Whether you love it, hate it, or still having mixed feelings about the merger and unified sports car approach in the US, it's all we have now. There were obvious pros and cons to having the two series exist. Grand Am made prototype sports car racing more affordable for sure, and the racing was always good. GT had fantastic presence and often stole part of the show. ALMS lured some of the major world players in prototype classes due to their similar rules and affliation with ACO and LeMans. Their GT racing again often was the big show when the factory prototype teams withdrew.

I wasn't thrilled with the merger, but I'm also willing to wait and see how things play out. I would also like, in time, to see a US presence again on the world stage in prototype racing, and likewise, I want to see the world players back here. So, let's give some support to... [Read More]
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It was time for a refresh. What do you think of it? Please let me know by taking the poll, and if you have any thoughts or suggestions definitely tell us what you think by also replying to the thread.

  • 1.3 Reset the style system, so you may have to 'reselect' your preferred style again.
  • 1.2 Added a new 'Light Blue' style in 1100 pixel wide format as default style. The old 'Skippy Forums Blue View' is still available for you to choose from.
  • 1.1 Added an additional and easier to find 'Style Chooser' on top right corner of every screen (originally it was only in the bottom left corner of each page).
  • 1.0 Added a new 'Narrow Width' 1000 pixel version of the 'Light Blue' style as per popular request. The wider version is still the default style, so if you want to try/use the new narrow version just select it using the style chooser in the top right corner.

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More from Michele Rahal

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