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Man Causes Big Crash - Somewhere - and Gets His GF P-D off

I think Rick Roso gets credit for this. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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urban legend

#1 It was all Rick Roso. Although Rick is paid by SBRS, LLC- he doesn't really do anything constructive for the company. This is the best piece he has produced in years and it's not even company related.
#2 It is my Freeloader that was hit while parked during it's stay with ex-girlfiend, supermodel and primary custodian of my dogs, **** ***** of *********, NJ.
#3 The age listed, 22, is correct.
#4 Other than the fact that the taillamp is broken, there is absolutely nothing accurately factual about this article.
#5 No Michael, I'm not nailing ****.

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re: #5

I'm not sure where that comment came from. But, I knew that... because I AM! Sorry...
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