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New to the Forum

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and am trying to research what I will need for my one-day racing school program. I have always loved driving and have spent years studying techniques for getting the most out of a car, but I have never had an opportunity to apply them. I drive a toyota pick up with a manual, so I have practiced heel and toe downshifting, but my lifted truck is not what I would call responsive, fast, or aerodynamic. Because of my wife's illness and my son's autism, this may be the closest to racing I ever get. Driving is all I think about, and I hope to gain a greater understanding of the skills necessary to drive a car at the limit, and hopefully have more opportunities to refine my abilities in the future. I hope I posted this right....
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Re: New to the Forum

Welcome Joe,

You're in the right place. Sounds like you're way ahead of most in studying vehicle dynamics and you'll have a ball at your 1-day. As odd as this may sound, don't try to do too much. Listen to the instructors and note the differences in the way the two cars perform. Use it as a first time chance to bump you knowledge of vehicle dynamics against reality and see how close you are. Take small bites and enjoy the experience completely. Don't assume this will be your only opportunity as it sounds like you are pretty good at overcoming formidable obstacles already.

Please do keep us posted when and where you decide to take your school.

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Re: New to the Forum

Welcome aboard! About all you need for a one-day is a good attitude, a comfortable pair of thin leather gloves and a narrow pair of athletic shoes - wrestling shoes have long been a favorite. I wouldn't be concerned with Nomex stuff for this. Skippy will provide a suit and helmet. Above all - have fun! Don't try to go too fast too soon, crash damage would spoil the day for sure.
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