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Track Notes for LRP

Does anyone have a set of track notes for Lime Rock Park? Last July, I did my 3-Day there, but that is the extent of my time on that track. To get me in the proper frame of mind (i.e., R/T 2000 gear shifts and race speeds as opposed to 3-Day speeds), I'd appreciate any notes that anyone can share. Thanks in advance.
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Old 05-23-2006
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Re: Track Notes for LRP

In the dry, all the turns on the first half of the track are 3rd gear, while the Uphill, West Bend, and the Downhill are all 4th gear. While getting up to speed, 3rd is fine for the Uphill though.

In the wet I went down one gear in every corner, which worked out well for me, although in drying conditions the Uphill was drying really quickly last week and what speed you could carry through there was limited by the condition of the turn in rather than the grip in the corner itself. I found most of the track outs to be extremely slick, especially 2, 4, and West Bend, so you've got to put as much power down in the corner as you can, then be patient as you have to back out over the track out to avoid wheel spin.

Brake down the extreme right side of the track for turn 1, then do a full rim shot through 1 and 2. I like holding the car in tight going into the Lefthander, crossing the concrete carefully so as not to upset the car on the way to the track out. Be careful on the brakes for turn 4 so as not to lock up your fronts crossing the dry line on the way to the rim of the track. The rim has a ton of grip, so do whatever accellerating you can there because you'll have nothing but wheelspin once you get to the exit, which you will find both slow and unpleasant. Even with a light right foot I found my self short shifting to 4th on No Name to settle the back end down and get some forward drive.

For the Uphill, side step the brake zone a little, being mindful of how bad a puddle is taking over the middle of the track. Another big rim shot here and there is once again a ton of grip, so really use the hill to your advantage before backing off the throttle as you crest to keep the wheels from spinning. Side step the brake zone again for West Bend before another rim shot and another extremely slippery corner exit, driving under the "rock" on the sign on the bridge. Side step the dry line as you slow for the Downhill and head for the rim, where there's lots of grip. After the downhill just remember not to get caught by a puddle on the front straight; it's not cool to crash on your own on a straight and the mean kids will laugh at you.

Also, don't get stuck in the lake outside the Lefthander, you'll be cold wet and only somewhat less uncool than if you crashed on the straight.

The same goes for the lake ouside turn 2, but if you do manage get all the way out there, see if you can completely coat your car in mud. People are very impressed when you manage to make a white car completely brown, ask me how I know.

Oh, and don't forget to have fun out there!
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