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Old 06-17-2011
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Improvements to MX5 Fleet with Borla and Penske Racing Shocks

(Feel free to move this to the proper tread/forum if this is in the wrong spot...)

Skip Barber Racing School Announces Improvements to MX5 Fleet
with Borla and Penske Racing Shocks

Lakeville, CT. (Jun 17). Skip Barber Racing School is proud to announce improvements on the Mazda MX-5 Cup Car used at all of the school locations across the nation. Through new partnerships with Borla and Penske Racing Shocks, Skip Barber Racing School will enhance the exhaust systems and shocks on one of the school’s most popular vehicles.

To meet the noise, performance, and durability challenges of racing, Skip Barber Racing School has chosen Borla, the world’s most winning exhaust, to develop a custom race exhaust system for their MX5 Cup Cars used in Skip Barber Racing School classes and race series. Borla is the original pioneer of stainless steel performance exhaust for track-tough durability and is known for its patented uninterrupted flow design and multicore technology. Borla engineers and manufactures exhaust systems that maximize performance output, reduce weight significantly and are within the noise restrictions of most racetracks. This combination, in conjunction with the visceral connection a Borla exhaust system creates between the race car driver and the race car, gives an unrivaled balance of sound and power only worthy of “The World’s Most Winning Exhaust”. Alex Borla states, “We are proud to partner with our good friends at Skip Barber Racing and look forward to a winning relationship.”

Penske Racing Shocks has long been a partner with Skip Barber Racing School on the Formula Skip Barber 2000 race car and now, Penske Racing Shocks has designed custom racing shocks for the Mazda MX5 Cup Car fleet. “Penske Racing Shocks has been a proud supplier to the Skip Barber Racing School for the past 10 years,” said Penske Director of Competition, Aaron Lambert. “We are very happy to continue this great relationship by partnering with SBRS by supplying them shocks for their popular Mazda MX5’s. The most important factor in a racing school or spec race series is equality. SBRS does an amazing job to make sure each and every car on the track is equal, and it makes us proud to know our shocks contribute to that.”

“Skip Barber Racing School prides itself on providing an equal playing field where racers can show up and showcase their driving talent, not who has more money to buy a faster car,” said SBRS Instructor and Test Driver Stefan Bastrzycki. “The new double adjustable Penske shocks and adjustable spring perches will give Skip Barber Racing School more tunabilty, scalability, and ultimately a better product for the customer.” The new shock package will also provide upgraded handling similar to the cars in the Playboy Cup Series. The car will be stiffer, more responsive, and faster, so making the transition to Pro Racing will be easier for racers once they move on from SBRS."

“We are committed to continuous improvement at Skip Barber Racing School, and are very excited about these new parternships with Borla and Penske Racing Shocks that will help us improve the car’s performance,” said Kevin Seidl, COO of Skip Barber Racing School. The improvements on the Skip Barber Racing School car fleet are already being made at the various Skip Barber Racing School locations across the nation.
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