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Re: First Skippy Race in May

Welcome Kenneth,

As you know, seat time is key, so any MX-5 lapping you can do before practice and the races will only help your comfort level and results on track.

Your knowledge of cars and seat time as a tester will only be to your benefit. Todd ran the SBRS race series for years so you've already had good instruction. :-)

The fastest way to get up to speed in the Skippy MX-5's would be to do a lead follow on one of the lapping or practice days. It sounds like you're already comfortable in a race car so chasing someone around who sets up and drives these cars regularly will likely shorten the learning curve as well.

If you've got a helmet, shoes, gloves and driving suit you'll be good to go. Ear plugs are good to have as well.

Good luck! And if you have any other questions let us know. :-)


Originally Posted by kmartin1971 View Post
Greetings All,
I'm finally taking the plunge and doing the MX5 race weekend in May at LRP. My background is with SCCA showroom stock and IT mostly. I grew up in NY and did my first skippy school back in 91 at Bridgehampton. Since then I have stayed active (to varying degrees) with SCCA club racing, karting, Skippy Lapping and a lot of track time through work. I was an engineer/test driver for Honda for about 15 years and have gone out on my own as a contract test driver. I specialize mostly in tire testing but I have worked on several companies driver training programs and had the pleasure to do some work with Todd Snyder (one of my first instructors) at the Mid Ohio School. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and having some fun at one of my favorite tracks.

Any hints or tips on what to expect for the race weekend? I have some seat time in the formula cars but not in the miata. I may also do the Formula race at Mid O in sept.

See you all on the track

Kenneth Martin
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