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Re: New member from CT

Originally Posted by dalyduo View Post
Hi Zach... Sorry for the delay in getting back. The site's been kind of quiet recently. :-)

Good to have you aboard.

The two day advanced school is a good next step after which you are eligible to run in either the open wheel or MX-5 Skip Barber race series. If you're looking to buy a car there probably isn't any cheaper race car than Spec Miata. There are plenty out there in every price range, lots of parts for every class and people who know how to build and maintain 'em.

What are you drawn to?
Thanks for the warm welcome.

It's a funny story actually - When I first signed up for the 3 day course I thought I signed up for the MX-5 version. I didn't find out I would be driving the Formula cars until the first day! At first I was a little disappointed because I had mentally prepared myself for the Miatas, but in hindsight I'm extremely glad I got a chance to experience the formula cars.

It's actually opened up a whole new world of racing for me. I've started watching F1 races, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and just spend this last weekend up at Lime Rock for the SCCA races they were hosting.

The trip to Lime Rock was very eye opening for me. I was able to see what cars are being used in each class and, more importantly, I was able to see which cars were doing WELL in each class. I got to experience everything from Spec Miata's to the P1 (prototype) cars.

Right now I think I'm more drawn to the formula style cars, but I don't think I have the cash to support something like that. I think my racing "career" will most likely be a daily driver that I track a few times a year, or a budget track build as a second vehicle that will be only for track use.........
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