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Re: Changing SBRS Groups

to echo others and add a bit more:

Go one group, run fewer race groups with larger fields, that means more seat time/laps in all sessions and races are possible. Might be able to have qualis for both races, should do it.

More seat time is one good way to market SB, also gives some value to the price increase with a minimal increase in cost/session. Hell, ya got the show there all ready to go, with more time available per session (fewer groups) give us a few more laps. Customers like that kind of thing you know, throw us a damn bone will ya?

Keep prices the same as last year. The price increase could cost you drivers/revenue. You are losing not only the rich guys (which is to be expected), you are losing your core, and they all seem to be racing Miatas, and non-Skip Miatas at that!!

Nice to hear from you Sid, we'll take the babes, now stfu..........XXOO
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