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Re: Changing SBRS Groups

Last season I raced in two race weekends. The first at The Glen and the second at Lime Rock in the fall. At the Glen I had 2 second place finishes. I was thrilled.
Reality hit at Lime Rock in the fall. Even though my lap times were better each session, I still spent time watching my mirrors for the young guns as they came around to lap me. My immediate reaction was disappointment at my performance and the realization that I was just plain SLOW.
On the ride home I really came to realize that I was having a real blast learning this skill. I also realized that Chip Ganassi was not watching me from the top of the hill, hoping I would be the next hot shoe for his Grand Am ride. I was out there learning a new skill and having a blast at it.
I must say it is hard to drive as hard as I can and still finish mid pack, wondering where I'm losing speed to those young guys. But I will keep coming to learn more.
I do know the real reason I am slow. Those extra 50 pounds I carry as a weight penalty are taking their toll. I shaved my beard in an attempt to lighten up and this year I will only race at tracks with no elevation changes so the little guys can't pull by me on the uphill sections. I may be old and slow but I will use cunning and tretchery to gain an advantage.
I am all for larger fields, longer races and less crash damage. Having never raced under the old system, I guess I'll say the present system gets my vote. Even though I have to leave my fate in the hands of the instructors as they make up the fields.
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