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Re: Changing SBRS Groups

I for one am all for having race groups with closely matched competitors. I would rather see us have 3 classes with the Expert group returning.

It could easily be set up like a ladder system where qualifying and/or previous race results determining where the cuts are made in order to make up three groups. With mandatory grouping based on real results there would be no need for drivers to elect where they want to race. A simple formula of breaking the groups up into thirds could apply at any weekend.

Having made the jump this past season to Champ I spent much of my time doing seat time after the leaders left me. I would agree with the previous posts on 2 counts ; One,that driving with the fastest drivers does not always equate to getting faster or better. I would say I have made more progress when I was dicing with near equal competitiors with pressure being exerted for much of the race as oppossed to trying to keep step with a much faster group of leaders, who once out of range, offered no schooling to me. Second, racing in mixed groups with unskilled drivers can create more room for crashing opportunities that we could all use less of.

Since our series is school based we should get back to schooling the drivers regardless of abilities. Having three classes would give us all an opportunity to grow with other drivers of equal abilities and have a blast while doing it. The price of the series is getting to the point of no return if we dont make it a good experience for drivers of all levels.

My 2 cents...
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