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Re: Skip Barber Racing Files for Bankruptcy; Owes Lime Rock Park $1.2 Million

Heartbreaking and sad.

Sy, I see the return to our site's original name. Great memories of its origins. Thank you.

Like many of you, I have so many great memories of what a wonderful place this company was for all of us to work and play together. So many great friendships among drivers and instructors, so many great races and memorials, milestones, getting into trouble, coaching experiences, computer car laps, our first time to Mont Tremblant and the annual luge crashfests, the many -ism's of Nick Nick, Keith Watts, Sid Brenner, Steve D'Brecht, the Dodge Viper Hot Laps we did at Daytona and Charlotte, listening to stories at dinner with very few to tell due to my young age, the awesome reunion arranged by Jim Pace and Michelle Henn, the banquet emcee skills of Terry Earwood, man, I could go on and on. Actually, so many of us have our experience there archived on this website.

Sy, thank you for opening this website for us to share and record our experiences.

Greg, thank you for keeping this online home open.

Let's keep the storytelling going, and hopefully we will still see each other at the track again soon!
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