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Re: ISC to operate Laguna Seca?


Well Nascar/IMSA took over Sonoma and moved all the Nascar/IMSA there weakening Laguna considerably. Now they'll move into Laguna with favorable terms because the track is owned and run by the county and none of the elected officials who run the track will vote for the millions of dollars needed to renovate and upgrade the track because they think they'll be voted out of office if they do. Nascar/IMSA will get this done. However.... The cost to go there will only go up.

They did the same thing to Lime Rock Park but Skip Barber, who owns LRP has the resources to upgrade the track while retaining ownership. If Skip didn't have the resources to upgrade the track it would either be sold to Nascar/IMSA or turned into a golf course with condos as there are lots of deep pocketed neighbors who would like LRP to disappear.
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