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Lucas, Skippy, Bertil and Level Up

Since the Skippy bankruptcy there have been interesting developments.

Lucas Oil School of Racing is being run by Neil Enerson, Randy Buck and Gerardo Bonilla, withTodd and Linda Snyder in race control, RC Enerson and Phil Lombardi testing cars along with Pippa Mann and lots of familiar Skippy instructors and alums as needed on corners.
The cars are state of the art Formula Fords with MX-5 motors with paddle shifters, built in data acquisition and smarty cams also built in.
They've been running racing schools and their race series and have recently improved track selection to include Road America, Mid-Ohio and Sebring.

Demonte racing bought the Skippy name, re-branded their 10 year old Mustangs, hired Terry Earwood and Bruce MacInnes and are planning to introduce formula 4 cars to their stable of cars at some point.

Bertil Roos bought the old Skippy open wheel cars and refurbished them. They've been running their schools at PBIR, NJMP, Sebring and other locations with Divina Galica adding value to their instructor ranks.

Pete Stolz started his "Level Up" racing school out of Road America with Stevie Dee, Jim Pace and others. They have a relationship with several spec Miata shops that rent them cars on an as needed basis for their schools. This arrangement keeps overhead low and fun factor high given the instructors. :-)

So there's been an increase in racing school seats as instructors and equipment from the original Skip Barber were scattered to the wind. Most, as you'd expect, have landed on their feet and are thriving in the new world order of racing schools.

Just came back from Road America where I finished P2 and P1 in my Lucas Oil masters races.
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