Thread: Skippy Prototype Car ('05-'07): John Greist on the New Skippy Car
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Re: John Greist on the New Skippy Car

Sorry to disappear from the FSCCA discussion, but had to go.
Yes, the links provided describe the car. I was a little optimistic on the pricing; it's actually $39900. open wheel configuration and a little north of $42K as a closed wheel.
SCCA is considering putting SCCA Enterprises on the block if the right buyer comes along.
I don't know SBRS business philosophy but I sense an opportunity to not only buy into a developed car suitable for SB with some downward tweaking, but to also have a market (SCCA drivers) to sell new and USED cars allowing SB to keep upgrading the fleet. SB would also have complete control over production and QA/QC.
Just a thought.
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