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Re: John Greist on the New Skippy Car

WoW, can I even say anything that has not already been set in stone in the mind of the giver of the oppinion? Probably not, but that is why this site is just oh so exciting! A few hundred people who (assuming of course) are just like me, always want to be first, and if they can help it, right at the same time.
I've taken some time to sit back and "spectate" on the posts of this and many different threads to see that most oppinions can be somewhat connected to ones finnancial status (congrats to those who are more fortunate at this point in time than myself ) I will reserve my right to reiderate, and produce callus' on my fingertips, just to repeat what everyone has already said, just in my own words. hehe
Fom this end of the finnancial/un-aged food chain though,something does come to mind;
I fear an increase in the cost due to a sexy, high tech car would just compound this problem. It's not an easy decision for them. On the one hand they want to attract young drivers like Marco Andretti (you may have heard of him) so they have bragging rights for marketing. But in reality, it's the old farts like us that keep coming back each year that really fill the grid.
I must attribute the
old farts
to most of my humbling as I first started, as well, quite enjoyable were the fri. night west coast dinners. As for myself I am currently attempting to get sponsors to help curb the cost for the rest of the National series. Would it be easier to sell a sexier car to obtain sponsorship? Probably. Would a more "high tech" car raise the current price of the series? I'll go with yes, for $100 Bob. But if in cahoots (slang I know) this sexy, high tech racing machine ment more marketable drivers, or even, dare I say the series in whole it would keep younger, eager drivers like myself very active with S.B.
To end the misery of anyone who spent the time to read my ramblings on, a personal note; I remember when I was turned on to racing, and going fast in general, and (at the time) looking at what then was just about eye level at the picture inside the skippy building at Laguna Seca of the old Barber Dodge Pro Series, and thinking that I may one day get a taste of what it would be like to be a professional race car driver (or @least something of the sort) and I have never forgotten about that. So yes, this does seem to be a make, or brake deal for skippy, lets just hope it is done right. Over and out, Mr.Quik (a.k.a. Mr.4-off, wait, I dont think it counts 'cuz none of his tires are actually touching the ground at this point )
Hold it flat the whole way?! I dont know, seems a little scetchy but I'll give it a try
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