Thread: Skippy Prototype Car ('05-'07): John Greist on the New Skippy Car
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Re: John Greist on the New Skippy Car

Even Bob "Cheap Bastard", "Cassandra" Manzella would acknowledge its a great deal... And then he'd probably also add that if its the best deal in town but only 18 people can afford it, it doesn't matter how good a deal it is because the company won't survive. The lower the cost to participate the more people will try it and keep coming back. I would imagine this is vital to a business with as many locations and varied services as SBRS offers.

Originally Posted by MJAmok
Here is a question that should open a can of worms....


Ok, without suggesting that the price of SB racing should rise (I would obviously like to see larger fields), you have to ask what the alternative is. The ones to which most people 'graduate' are Mazda and Grand Am. Those series are 5 to 10 times as expensive as SB. Also, the 'serious' kids pay nearly double for the Nationals.

Racing is surely an expensive hobby... but Skip Barber is a bargain.
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