Thread: Skippy Prototype Car ('05-'07): John Greist on the New Skippy Car
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Re: John Greist on the New Skippy Car


Though I may sound like one, I'm certainly no spokesman for the company and only reporting conversations I've had with Abhi and my sense of what is happening there. So everyone should take my ramblings with a grain of salt and most already do.

Having said that... My post may not have done full justice to how much attention is being paid to having the car be affordably crashable. They are keenly aware of the ways crash damage costs limit everyone's enjoyment and threaten the future of the company. They want the new car to be vastly cheaper to repair without making it less safe, fun, up to date or instructive to drive. I'd call it skinning the cat without gutting it. A very tall order that we'd all like to see perfectly executed. If they do pull it off they'll probably experience unprecedented growth again as the whole school and racing experience will qualitatively increase by a quantum leap. Everyone benefits from better cars for less money.
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