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Re: John Greist on the New Skippy Car


Thanks for your lucid update on the thoughtful development of the new car. Everyone is concerned about cost and it's reassuring that concern is recognized and in the foreground of new car design considerations.

Management of perceptions is at least as difficult as controlling actual issues. No doubt in my mind that SBR is the best bargain in racing, but I still worry cost increases will undermine the entire enterprise. Other cost factors we seldom discuss are differerent but uniformly increasing venue costs, including hiring flaggers.

If certain venues are very costly, we may have to forgoe them, though most of us given the choice would pay more for Road America, Watkins Glen, VIR, Road Atlanta, Daytona, Sebring, Laguna Seca and Mt. Tremblant than Grattan, IRP, Las Vegas, and Moroso with Putnam and Barber Parks intermediate in desirability. If doing corner work cut cost by $100 a day, it would be worthwhile, but I bet it'd be nearer $10 a day - and I expect some tracks require their professional workers be used and no argument they do a better job and having drivers flag slows the program. Combining Series is an obvious economy regarding venue fees and staffing, but if cost was lower, more should race and that revenue would support the series and profit.

We started on Crossle Fords - I crashed one big at the Kink at Road America. They were great racers and we all learned a lot more in them than in the RT-2000s. It took Revere and me 4 years with the FFs and Formula Dodges to go flat through the Kink at Road America, and we were better for the learning along the way.

I'm characterologically optimistic - how else could one keep climbing into a race car - and I'm encouraged that everyone's best efforts will produce a new car that will take us back toward the intrinsically better driving characteristics of the pre RT-2000s while controlling costs so more can afford to race and we'll all have more and better competition and fun.
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