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Re: Lucas Oil Racing Feedback?

You are either completely misinformed, a shill for Bertil Roos, or both. Based on your statement you do know absolutely nothing about the Lucas School.

The Lucas cars are brand new state of the art Formula Fords and completely appropriate for beginners having paddle shifters with auto blip that don't require drivers to know how to shift manual transmissions. (Many students now show up at racing school with little or no clutch experience.) They are easy to drive, nicely balanced and are not shod with slicks as you incorrectly suggest they are. Slicks have never been used to this point in the race series or schools but will be integrated into the race series in the near future. Either way their use is irrelevant to the experience of a racing school other than slightly higher grip levels.

The cars were designed to race on slicks so using them in no way requires reinforcement of suspension components and to suggest doing so causes failure of parts is libelous. The question I'd have about Bertil Roos is how old are the Roos cars and when were their frames and suspension components last magna-fluxed for cracks? If they are built like tanks one can only assume they drive like tanks as well.

The Lucas programs are run by administrators and instructors with decades of Skip Barber Racing School experience teaching both schools and running race series, so if your serious about exploring a career in racing, or want to try a racing school or gift one to a loved one there is no higher quality place to go.

I ran a couple of lapping days at Lime Rock recently and had a ball, also just came back from the race series event at Atlanta Motorsports Park with a masters trophy.

How about a picture of you in the Roos tank Mitchel?

Originally Posted by mitchellbutaud View Post
I haven't heard much about Lucas Oil School of Racing, but I do know that their cars are not appropriate for beginners as well as experienced racers. Their cars used to be on threaded tires, which was fine, but they they decided to move to racing slicks without reinforcing several suspension components. What I'm getting at is they break constantly from normal wear and tear and they do charge crash damage, even for the 2 day novice school :0!!!

I have personally taken the 5 day school from the Bertil Roos Racing School and was very pleased. Their cars are built like tanks and rarely break from normal wear and tear.
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