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Re: 2011 Skip Barber Alumni Year in Review

Thanks, Kelly, for putting in the time and effort to put together such a great summary.

But I believe you overlooked John Pew, who won his SECOND Jim Trueman Award in Grand Am. That kind of achievement goes to the heart of what Skip Barber is all about -- he didn't come to racing until his adult life, but now competes at the front against professionals who have devoted their entire lives to it.
“John is being modest when he says that,” offered Team Owner Mike Shank. “For him to go up against the best of the best and have the performances that he has had, really is just incredible for someone who hasn’t been racing all his life. He’s also stepped it up with his racecraft as well. We leaned on him pretty hard at New Jersey--it was almost 140 degrees in that car, and he did two nearly full stints for us. Guess all that karting in the Florida summer does pay off!”

The challenge of what John has accomplished and what it has required from him cannot be overstated. Way to go, John!!!
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