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Re: Lucas Oil Racing Feedback?

HOLY MOLY!! I disappear for only a few years and upon my return I find the (skippy) world in tatters! Whouldathunk?! A big non-smiley face emoji inserted here, please. I was ok leaving this site under the skippyforums name as a resource for new racers and as a spot to remember great memories for old ones, with the hope that Skip Barber (the product/company) might make a comeback before the brand becomes damaged beyond repair, or worse, irrelevant. I think at this point both seem to have happened, so not much hope now, is there?!

I just started changing the site back to, even though I'm already over-saturated with my current work.

Love and miss you all, especially you Pat!


One more thing.. if there are any major creditors of SBRS that are interested in taking over and turning her around, get in touch with me.
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