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Re: Skip Barber Racing School on Seinfeld?!

The real story;
Jerry did a 3Day at Sears Point in 94. Kelly Collins was the lead and while at dinner one night with Jerry, Kelly put him up to sticking the parrallegram(sp?) sticker on the fridge in the show. We actually came up with the magnet as a result of that sticker on the fridge.
A few months later Jerry came back and was doing a lapping day and it was raining like it rains in the winter in No. Calif., and yours truly got to watch Mr. Sienfeld spin in the river that used to form on the straight between turn 6 and 7 at Sears. He hit the wall on drivers left and knocked the RR corner off, if I remember correctly, and that was the last time he got in one of our cars.
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