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Re: The ONE and ONLY Happy Birthday Thread!


In Indianapolis working out at RaceCraft1 and PitFit in preparation for racing the F3 cars at Laguna next week. We are in a massive ice storm. Freezing ground, temps at or just below freezing and a long rain storm. Everything is covered with ice. Main roads are salted and passable but local roads and sidewalks are hockey rink slippery. The hardest part of getting back from dinner last night was walking from the parking lot to the hotel entrance.

There is snow just north of us and rain just south of us so we are in the icy sweet spot.

Gus Doppes connecting flight from Chicago was cancelled and John Schauerman's flight from Phoenix was cancelled as well. Gus rented a car and is driving down. John's trying to get a flight out today so he only misses one of our 3 days.

Hotel is less than a mile from the facility so not worried about getting there. Birthday Adventure!
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