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Re: Lucas Oil Racing Feedback?

Originally Posted by mitchellbutaud View Post
I haven't heard much about Lucas Oil School of Racing, but I do know that their cars are not appropriate for beginners as well as experienced racers. Their cars used to be on threaded tires, which was fine, but they they decided to move to racing slicks without reinforcing several suspension components. What I'm getting at is they break constantly from normal wear and tear and they do charge crash damage, even for the 2 day novice school :0!!!

I have personally taken the 5 day school from the Bertil Roos Racing School and was very pleased. Their cars are built like tanks and rarely break from normal wear and tear.
So you haven't heard much about Lucas Oil School of Racing, but you know things...


Care to back your comments up with facts? The Lucas Oil School cars are just over a year old, and are based on a design that is winning races in various championships across Europe, and was designed from the get-go to run on slicks. And seeing how the slicks haven't yet been installed on the Lucas Oil School fleet, I'm curious to find out how they are "breaking constantly".

This has to be the worst first post in the history or Team Juicy Racing.
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