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Re: Lucas Oil Racing Feedback?

Hi Merlin,

Sorry for the delay in getting back. As you know... It's been very quiet around here.

You did see most of the former Skippy masters at that LRP Lucas Oil School of Racing event. The cars are brand new Formula Fords that have MX-5 motors, paddle shifters with auto blip, data acquisition and smarty cams in all the cars. Many younger drivers in addition to the Skippy masters are also moving over to Lucas. At the last race at PBIR two cars qualified P1&2 in the high 1:30's Then there were 10 cars within 7 tenths of a second from 1:31.0 to 1:31.7 then 3 cars in the low 1:32's. So the young drivers are quick and the cars equal.

The Lucas series is run by Todd Snyder and Randy Buck who used to run the Skippy Nationals and regular race series with some of the best ex-Skippy instructors working corners and giving data feedback.

The cars are fun to drive, nicely balanced and less tail happy then the Skippy cars. They are about to switch to slicks but the all season Cooper tires currently used are low grip and very predictable. Having data and video in all the cars means your learning curve is improved by seeing your best efforts compared to ultimate tester or competitor laps. The video is also a great teaching tool and argument settler if contact happens.

I'm enjoying racing their cars and being at their events. I would absolutely recommend you check them out with no reservation.

Sadly SBRS was recently evicted from their Road Atlanta base office and Sebring shop. They owe money to all the tracks and many of their workers. A few devoted people are still showing up to run programs but some are owed large sums and others won't show up unless paid upfront. The school also recently lost it's SCCA accreditation. There aren't enough knowledgable mechanics or parts to properly maintain the fleet and after a series of brake failures, two of which I experienced, I decided my safety was at risk and choose to no longer drive their cars. The good people still trying to put on the show aren't getting the financial or managemnt support required to do their jobs. It was a sad day but I felt I had no choice.

SBRS is in the rear view mirror while the Lucas Oil School of Racing would appear to be the future.

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