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Re: Read this before you book a seat using

Hi Trevor,

In the Road America crew listing I noticed this:

MARKETING: Robert Prevost
Marketing will be taking pictures, and tweeting as it all happens throughout the weekend. Smile for the camera!

Never saw Robert take any pictures until it was pointed out to him that he was supposed to be taking podium pictures. He pulled out his iPhone and took the required shots. I'm not on twitter so don't know how he faired with the twits.

Robert sat opposite me at dinner one night and asked what I'd think about having a Formula One car driving experience. I explained to him that because my joy came from the pursuit of craft in a race car, a one off "Experience" where I'd never approach the limits of the car or even get its brakes warm held little interest. It wasn't clear if he was suggesting Skip Barber should become associated with this kind of endeavor or he was suggesting I contract for the service through him. Either way I found it odd for the new Skip Barber marketing guy to be bringing up a formula one experience when we have so many bigger issues to overcome.

I knew who Robert was but didn't bring up my back and forth with Carlos about the ethics of their bad mouthing any racing school that wouldn't undercut their sales force with his web marketing because it happened 10 years ago.

In reading back over these posts, none of my opinions have changed about what they did or how they did it. I never met or spoke with Robert back then but he likely told Carlos to remove his posts because they clearly illustrated the unethical practices they were living by at the time.

Originally Posted by Magical Trevor View Post
Robert was talking to several people while wearing SBRS Racing shoes and a white polo at Road America this past weekend. What's that all about? Especially considering this
Seeing all of the above after a search, I'm certainly curious whether Pat recognized him or had any words.
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