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Re: Indoor Kart World Championship 2005

This is interesting...
Carlos seems to have removed all of his posts, and gone home.
Ah well...

Here is his last post and my response to it.

Hello dalyduo,

Carlos Carneiro has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - Indoor Kart World Championship 2005 - in the Skip Barber Racing Series Discussions forum of Team Juicy Racing - Skip Barber Racing Series Forums.

This thread is located at:

Here is the message that has just been posted:
Arrogant, unethical, shameless, etc... in the end its all a matter of opinion which will depend greatly on what side of the fence one is in. I dont expect anyone in this forum to necessarily agree with me, as I am wearing red in a sea of people wearing blue...

Good Ol' Bruce MacInnes' comment sounds pretty arrogant to me, considering he probably has not taken any racing school program other than Barber's in ages (if he ever did) to be able to know if Barber is or not in fact, the "World's Best Racing School" or currently has the best school programs. But I would never hold that against him because thats just the kind of person a company needs working for them (someone who firmly believes in their product/service). Bruce not only wears the hat, but I would not be surprised if his underwear also has an embroidered Skippy patch. Personally I always thought Bruce was more worthy of the Skip Barber name than Skip himself. He's a great guy.

DalyDuo's pee on the leg comment reminds me of one of Bruce's many famous quotes during racing schools in which he was instructing. I dont exactly remember how it goes, but it made a reference to one "being deserving of a Golden Shower Award for not making the smart move"...

ESPN Russell (another self-proclaimed World's Best Racing School) used to have their negative aspects posted on our site just like Barber, but they eventually saw the light, joined the sales network and cant believe why it took them so long to have us working with them, as opposed to against them. Their leg is now dry and looking quite attractive.

Like Bruce said, it would be great if we could all get along.
But business is competition, and unless we can be allies, we will be "racing for sales" as rivals, rather than teammates.

I guess I'm setting myself up for another reply about's ethics, arrogance, & etc... but as you probably noticed by now, it does not affect or offend me as I just have a completely different perspective on the issue.

BTW, Bruce, call Robert if you want to discuss any Barber info that may no longer be factual, to be changed on that page . 1-877-463-7223 x203


My objective was never defending Skip Barber or Bruce McInnes (They both take care of themselves quite nicely) My objective was to have you reveal the mind set of an unethical business practitioner for our readers.

Your clarified devotion to the unethical practices of has illustrated my point wonderfully.

Thanks for your time.


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