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Re: Indoor Kart World Championship 2005

Carlos was a brilliant Brazilian driver in our Series He works for, a company owned by ex- Skip Barber employee, Robert Prevost that we do not do business with... Robert is, in my opinion, an intelligent, successful, manipulative guy who may be morally bankrupt... He has been bad-mouthing Skip Barber for years and proposed to me that he would stop if we did business with his company. When rebuffed, because we felt that this was blackmail, he then flip-flopped and said he would not deal with our present owners.

By his actions Robert has lost the respect of those who value ethics, fair-play and equitable competition. He has betrayed all of us who were his friends and has attempted to put our livelyhood at risk. All for $$$. The bad part is that he thinks all this is OK.

I anyone is curious, call to see how our constantly-evolving, time-proven curriculum and our older (and extremely wise)instructors are mis-represented...let me know. I wonder how they explain why we have 6 bases and go to over 20 of the greatest tracks if we don't do it well. Carlos, if you could even spell " "MacInnes" I might feel better- You are still AP... Robert- You are what you do.

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