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Carl Lopez primer "Going Faster"
Ross Bentley's "Ultimate Speed Secrets"

At Laguna there are apex curbs you can use but on the back sides of those curbs are red blocks that deter you from shortening the corners. Those red blocks will damage your car and end your day so get close but not too close.

Don't know how much track time you have in your Ferrari but I'm reminded of the Ferrari Club event at Lime Rock about 12 years ago where a Ferrari driver scared himself through the downhill and lifted sharply off throttle causing classic trailing throttle oversteer. He spun and crashed heavily into the inside tire wall. The car was flat bedded into the paddock with both front and rear left side suspension broken and dangling and all the left side body work from headlights to tai lights wrinkled badly.
The visual irony was the entire nose of the car had been covered with painters tape to prevent stone chips.

I share that story to suggest if you don't have a lot of track time it's always a worthy investment to practice car control in someone else's car at a racing school, car control clinic or high performance driving school before putting your own valuable car at risk.

I may be preaching to the converted but figured I'd mention it.

Good luck, have fun, go fast and be safe. :-)


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Thanks for the note. The Laguna trip is par of he Ferrari Club of America National Meet. I will be driving my 1987 328 GTS in the white run group.

I downloaded the Nor Cal SACC guide and another I found on this site, both have been very helpful. There will be some amazing cars in all of the run groups. My plan is simple, learn the track, have the instructor sign off so I can drive solo and enjoy the driving experience.

While the corkscrew will be fun, thanks for the heads up corner 6 and 9. The course guides make note of the challenging nature of turns 6 and 9. Any other reference material you would recommend?

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