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Re: Updated Forum Look / Style

Originally Posted by Tireman View Post
Not too bad Sy, but I'm a bit negatively jaded since Yahoo recently made my email experience/screen view/tools/etc. pretty awful. Once I get comfortable on a website, or with certain functions, I get kind of lazy and like to keep it that way.

We're trying to get folks back to Skippyforums. Pat made a pitch at a Road America drivers meeting, hoping to entice the newer folks. We're not Facebook, but we don't need to be. This site has a definite purpose and a lot to offer.

Thanks, Viz. I really appreciate it. Can you tell me a bit more about what you don't like and/or would prefer to see? Or do you just prefer no changes at all? Also, I just want to point out that we made zero changes to how the site works functionally, we only changed fonts, colors and made it a bit wider. Nothing has moved or works differently.

The idea of the refresh was to make the site look a bit more modern, a bit wider and mostly softer and readable. Any thoughts about how we did with those specifically would be great.
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