Thread: Skippy Prototype Car ('05-'07): Please Help Us Rename the R/T 2000
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Re: Please Help Us Rename the R/T 2000

Originally Posted by dalyduo
If swapping out the entire fleet is being considered then the first step would be test mating one of the Mazda motors to an R/T to evaluate mechanical issues. In considering the partnership with Mazda this may have already been done.
I hear ya DD. And I certainly do not mean to imply that anyone at SBR has delivered anything but their best effort in the transition. Getting all of the accessory drives and manifolds to clear all of the chassis tubes will be a hurdle. No doubt due dilligence has been exercised, but I've seen many goofy things happen in construction & engineering that should have been caught early on. (Question #1, will 22' tall reactor fit in 18' tall intended location? Ooops!) The most infamous words in all of engineering are "It looked good on paper..." If it really is the "the plan", I hope the Mazda motors slot-in hand-in-glove. All things are possible given time and enough $$$. But, Murphy lurks...
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