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Skip Barber Instructor Directory
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-Number of years racing: 20 years, ouch

-Number of years with Skip Barber: 16 years, oucher

-What you did before racing and instructing? Student Economics/Ohio State University, Airport Cargo Towmotor Opp., Manufacture Sales Rep., Victoria's Sectert Warehouse Stock Superviser, Pimp

-Favorite tracks? Mid-Ohio ( won my first race and also got engaged there) RA (not much to say but, it has it all) The Glen (mr. chicken), Laguna, Road Atlanta.

-Favorite track moments and/or achievements as a racer? my first pole (road atlanta, '86), my first win (mid-o. '85), and the two firestone firehawk manufacture championships with eagle talon.

-What series and or types of cars have you raced and when? Started in Skippy cars and Series 85-89, SCCA FF1600 89, SCCA Escort Edurance Series 89-90, Firestone Firehawk Series 90-94, A bit of Barber Saab/Dodge Pro Series 89-96, World Super Car 91-92, International Sedans 93, GTS3.

-Of the cars you’ve raced, what’s your favorite and why? i LOVED the old skippy cars, they where a great platform to fine tune your driving skills and very rewarding when driven correctly.

-Racers who inspired you when you were coming up and racers who inspire you now? jackie stewart & mario when i was a kid, Senna, Rahal, Juan Fangio Jr. (GTP cars rocked), Dorsey (Rouch Mustang), and i am not sure who inspires now.

-Students who have impressed you most as you watched them grow as drivers? all the students that have shown dedication and improvement. But, the best i have watched and had the oportunitiy to work with: aj almendinger, rafeal matos, & marco

-The best thing about being a Skip Barber instructor? Too broad of a spectrum to pinpoint, but the relationships that have been developed, the fact that my job requires me to be at a race track.

-The funniest and/or dumbest thing you’ve seen a student do? not a student, however at the track, to this day, PETER DANON scam at RA by nick nick, no question.

-If you hadn’t become a racer and instructor what would you have done? Golf Teaching/Pro? (i was a scratch golfer at one time)

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