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Skip Barber Instructor Directory
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Mikel Miller

  I've been racing off and (mostly) on for the past 17 years or so. I've been pretty fortunate in my racing career, and have driven many different things from go-karts and on... and... on. My day to day life consists of having a lot of fun (1st and foremost), racing, coaching, the occasional engineering role, and the skipper. The latter I started 11 or so years ago.

-What did I do before racing and instructing? Host high school parties.

-Favorite Tracks? Anyone that I'm on, but specifically Sears Point

-Favorite Track Moments/Achievments as a racer? Every corner is a moment, and that pretty much means I have few achievments..

-What series and/or types of cars have you raced and when? Karts, Every skip barber car (Save for the ORIGINAL), Star Mazda (both), Toyota Atlantic, F3000, Sports Cars, and various ambulances.

-Of the cars you've raced what's your favorite and why? F3000... 'nough said (it was actually Formula Holden)

-Who has inspired you when you were growing up, and who inspires you now? Only one besides Jon Morley, and that's AS da Silva

-Students that impressed you most as you watched them grow as drivers? Jeff Scheafer, Michael McDowell, and Grant Ryley.

-The best thing about being a Skip Barber instructor? The people we get to interact with on a daily basis.

-The funniest and/or dumbest thing youíve seen a student do? I'm SURE I haven't seen it yet.. Everything from spinning on a cool off just after a race win, to crashing into pit lane, to the ultimate... Going counter course through the corkscrew just prior to initiating a good little pit lane fight with Tom Woods.

-If you hadnít become a racer and instructor what would you have done? Failed out of college only to persue more challenging professions.

-Anything else you'd like us to know about you? Yes, but you wouldn't want to know it...

I like Ice Cream.

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