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Skip Barber Instructor Directory
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Instructor / Pit Lane Coordinator

-Number of years racing: 17. 20 if you count the years as a mechanic before I started driving.

-Number of years with Skip Barber: 17

-What you did before racing and instructing? Skippy Mechanic, Ski Bum, Bellman, Desk Clerk, Car Salesman, etc.

-Favorite tracks? (In order of preference) Bridgehampton (R.I.P.), Old Sears Point (pre-Infinion), Laguna, Watkins Glen, Lime Rock, Mont Tremblant, etc...

-Favorite track moments and/or achievements as a racer? Putting together a really good lap.
-What series and or types of cars have you raced and when? Mostly Skippy and SCCA Formula Ford. Various Vintage and a few professional events.

-Of the cars youíve raced, whatís your favorite and why? Skippy Formula Ford, I learned the most and had a bunch of fun.

-Racers who inspired you when you were coming up and racers who inspire you now? Anyone who was succesful before 1978, especially the guys from the fifties.

-Students who have impressed you most as you watched them grow as drivers? Juan Pablo Montoya, although recently disappointed in his lack of performance, we shall see about NASCAR though. That should be fun to watch.
Also, in all 17 years there was one student, a young lady, who came into the pits because the water temp wasn't what we had told her it should be. SHE WAS ACTUALLY LOOKING AT THE GAUGES!!! (take note series guys...)

-The best thing about being a Skip Barber instructor? Being a Skip Barber Instuctor...
-The funniest and/or dumbest thing youíve seen a student do? Once at Laguna, during a lapping day, this guy spun in turn three and knocked the right rear corner off the car. When I pulled up and asked him if he was okay he said yes and asked if it was okay to pull back onto the track. The right rear corner was completely missing and he must have been able to see that in the right side mirror, not to mention the effect the impact must have had. Woof...
Also, one year at Willow Springs, we had a guy racing in the series who started to lose his motor. Instead of checking guages(see above) he proceded to drive the thing into the ground, complete with downshifts as it was losing power, all the way to first gear until it would go no more. It finally stopped out in turn 8. The best part was he had an in car camera on, and was proud to show it to everyone...

-If you hadnít become a racer and instructor what would you have done? Mountain Climber? Extreme Skier?

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